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The Scuppro Fishing Kayak

Experience the design, quality, and stability to confidently travel miles at high speed under sail, on a high-tech light-weight fishing kayak.
Scuppro Kayak Specifications
14 ft.
26 in.
13 in.
Weight (Composit)
Approx 40 lb.
Weight (Molded)
Approx 58 lb.
Max Capacity
350 lb.
Ideal Weight Range
200 - 250 lb.
Crew Size
Cruising Speed
4 - 5 mph.
Range (easy day)
15 Miles
Water Types
Lakes or Ocean
Yellow or Green
Hull Material
Composite or Polyethylene
Yes (optional)
Available Options: Sail, Built in rudder or fishing/cruising rear pod, large rear hatch cover
Price: Roto-Molded: $1495.00 Composite: $3495.00Order It

Why Do the Scuppro Kayak


I designed the Scupper which was the first rotomolded sit on top kayak with scuppers. It was 14 feet long x about 24 inches wide. Before that there were several generations of fiberglass models that were all about the same dimensions. They all had a hatch in front and either a tank well in the back or a hatch like the front one. This size is great because it is fast enough to paddle to Alaska yet easy to handle in rough conditions without a rudder. It was the first kayak that was made for going through the surf even with full skin diving gear. This kayak was recognized as the first fishing kayak and was popular as a dive kayak. Most of all it was one of the first kayaks that was water friendly enough for most anyone to get in and paddle away with confidence starting the recreational class of kayaking.

Bringing Back the Scupper:

The last edition of this Scupper line was the Scupper Pro which was slightly longer at 15 feet 9 inches long. It was many peoples favorite in California Hawaii and other parts of the world. A few years back Ocean Kayak decided to discontinue the smaller Scupper Classic as well as the Scupper Pro. More than one dealer and many individuals wanted me to make this great model. About a year ago I formed a partnership with Swell Watercraft and I redesigned this model after having over 20 years to think about it. In the summer of 2017 the partnership came apart Swell Watercraft is altering my original design so now I am updating the Swell Scupper design with a new team to make and sell them. I am calling my new kayak the Scuppro kayak.

How to Improve the Scupper:

The trend for sit on top kayaks has been to make them more affordable without making the design much better. Most of them have the heels higher than the seat requiring a backrest and a slow kayak. I want to make the Scupper kayak a true performance kayak. This means it does more and can go further.

A Better Fishing Kayak:

Recently an article was written asking why fishing kayaks are for fat guys. Most fishing kayaks are overweight as well at 80 to 100 pounds. The Scuppro bucks the trend and goes much faster and goes further. If fishermen want more stability they can use the optional “pod” that goes in the rear tank well that makes the kayak stable enough to stand on. Having the kayak being thinner it is easier to have the kayak between your legs to get to the front hatch.

A Day or Longer Range Cruiser:

CRUISING SPEED It is one thing to reach a high speed however it is another to have a kayak that paddles easier at causing speeds. Top speed is really not very important because no one can maintain this speed. A fast cruising speed that can be maintained is much more important. For the Scuppro maintaining a 4.5 to 5 mph speed is much more useful. Also the Scuppro will move well with a big paddler and big load.

Sail Option:

The Scuppro is designed to accept the sail that goes faster than paddling.