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Malibu Outrigger

The most adventure that fits on your car (Available Soon)

The Malibu Ourtigger Kayak is the most incredible car-top boat. You and your crew can be confident, even miles out at sea, in this ingenious worthy craft.

GO EASIER GO FURTHER - This boat will do more than any other big car top boat on the market.  Paddle it, motor it, sail it, beach it, or sleep on it.  It is easily to haul up the beach yet will go 4 times further than any kayak in a day.  It’s a SUP mothership and two can sleep on the SUPs at night.  On a trailer you are on the water in minutes with the easy to rig sail.

PROVEN DESIGN - The Sailing Malibu Outrigger is based on a very successful design popular in the 1950’s through the 1970’s.  The original Malibu Outriggers were heavily built from plywood in garages with big wood spars.  In the 1970’s Hobie cats came out and didn’t do as much but you could just buy them.

VERY VERSATILE NEW VERSION - The Malibu Outrigger that we are building now is even more versatile and lighter than the old classic.  If you just want to paddle it without the sail go for it.  Next add a small 2 or 5 hp outboard motor and go amazingly fast for a simple surf launching fishing boat, or with the sail if there isn’t any wind.  The sail option is amazing because it sets up in minutes and is much easier than any catamaran.  Just plug the short stubby mast into the hull and hoist the sail, it’s that easy.  

OTHER NEW FEATURES - This new design comes apart for easier shipping and storage.  There is a shallow self bailing “dug out” part on top of the hull as well as hatches to get below that.  The hulls are very tough polyethylene that won’t wear out on the beaches like the old Hobie's did.  The sail is approximately 150 sq ft which is less than the original Malibu’s but easier to handle and lighter weight and still enough to fly along the water easily.  The Hobie Islander is a toy compared to this serious on water machine.

SUP MOTHERSHIP  -Start your SUP or surf adventures where others can’t get to.  Now you can put your SUPs between the hulls and when you get there you have your stand up dingy to explore surf or go ashore with.  Overnight two people can sleep on them with or without a tent for a great night of water dreams.

Go easy and go further with a classic shape that is lighter.