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Design your Own On Water Design

Are you ready to design your own kayak, and go into production. On Water Designs takes care of all the details. You can buy one, one-hundred, or ten-thousand.

Have you ever wanted a kayak or other small boat that no one makes or is not made anymore? We can make it for you! We can start from scratch or go with an existing shape. We can then put this into production and have it made out of polyethylene, fiberglass composite, or other materials. We can make the first one for $12,000 to $15,000 including design time. If you want to sell them you can take that fully finished boat and sell from there. Some of our clients only want them for their local area and want us to sell them elsewhere. If your a kayak shop or kayak rental owner and think you can eventually sell 100 custom design kayaks this is for you. You will have an exclusive product that no one else has or can get except through you. It is super simple in that in the design process we just give you a price for how ever many you want to order and we take care of all the manufacturing details. We have gone from concept to showroom kayak in only 8 weeks.


We already have designs and we are looking for people to partner with to make these projects happen. You could be a part of this exciting process. and make great money too. You may want to be involved in part of the process or just as and investment which is fine with us. Talk to us about the details.


Our design team has made things that are on the moon and mars. Demanding design challenges are no problem for us to design and build. We have designed and built many other non boat projects and got them into production. We may even be able to market them with or for you. Our design team has brought products and brands into world recognition. With over 70 years of experience between only 2 partners we can and will make it happen for you.